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Video Clip of the Month:
David Miketinac discusses the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) and women in IT.  Learn about DWEN here.

Our picks for the up-and-coming female entrepreneurs of the month 


Donna Novitsky


CEO and Founder--Yiftee


This marketing veteran launched the company to let people send to someone else's smartphone an e-gift that can be redeemed at thousands of local businesses around the country, and recently announced YifteePro, a web service that lets a user send gifts to groups of people, such as employees or customers. Read more on our Women to Watch page.


Kelsey Falter


CEO and Founder--Poptip


This internet-savvy pro bought her first domain name at age 8, made MySpace pages for the Tribune Co. as a teen, and now started and runs her 9-person company which "makes social feedback helpful and actionable".  She has also inked deals with a slew of big-name brands, including CNN, the NFL, Spotify, and Budweiser, that use Poptip's techology to gauge consumer sentiment and let people vote on topics socially.  Read more on our Women to Watch page.


Dr. Anne Marie 


CEO and Founder--Math Musical Minds


This Harvard math grad and Oxford PhD is the founder of two new ventures--Math Musical Minds and Gittins & Oreskovich Consulting--and is also one-half of the namesake of the Gittins-Oreskovich Risk Measures.  Her latest venture, Math Musical Minds, pairs her math expertise with her singing and composing talents to create the first line of kids' math products to use original music and animation to expose children to math, and other 'scary' topics like the doctor's office and the hospital.  Read more on our Women to Watch page.





May 23, 2019mber
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November 15, 2019

Women of Influence Symposium

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